Blogger’s Block

I have so many unfinished drafts it’s not even funny anymore. I keep starting posts and then either outright ignoring them, or forgetting about them. And then when I rediscover them, I ask myself should I even bother posting this? It’s not even timely anymore. 

I keep meaning to fall into a more regular posting schedule. But it’s like I really don’t have anything to say. Well that’s not true, I have things to say, but not enough to actually finish a post and hit publish.

Who am I blogging for? Myself or others? Do I care enough about this blog right now to maintain it? Probably not. But there’s a tiny voice nagging me to keep this space updated, because it’s literally my best foot forward on the internet. There’s a reason why this and my twitter are linked and I put mastery of both wordpress and twitter on my resume. I want to be a professional writer. I really should have a professional looking blog on the internet.  Now that I have a salary, I should look into buying a domain to host this so I can put it on my resume and stuff.

So yeah that’s what has been going through my head the last couple weeks every time I come onto wordpress. It’s mostly a guilty feeling for not having any quality posts lined up.

Maybe I should take a page out of Charlie McDonnell’s book and force myself to post at least once a day for a week and see what happens. Let’s try to resurrect this page.


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