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Germany, Globalized

Well originally I thought it was Americanized. But my mom, who came to visit, pointed out that Germany is not specifically emulating the Americans, but becoming more Global.

You see, this was the third time we’ve been to Germany. The last time was almost 8 years ago. Since being in Germany I kept commenting on how much more American it feels. And no, Coco Cola doesn’t count. I’m not sure if they had saturated the German market the first time I was here (when I was barely in fourth grade and feel in love with Fanta) but I do remember ads for it when I came back after seventh grade. Back then the American ad campaign was something like Coca-Cola. Always. In Germany it was Trink which I thought meant always. But it really means drink.

Mainly it’s the retail stores that seem much more Americanized/Globalized. There are a ton of stores like New Yorker, Tommy Hilfiger, that I never noticed before. Granted, the last time we went to Germany, we were in a completely different environment than the cities I’ve been in this trip. As technology explodes, Germany has kept up. There is a chain of German stores equivalent to Best Buy, but with better DVD and CD selection. 🙂 There’s also Apple stores creeping up. The Ipad just hit Germany a few days ago.

But it’s also the people themselves. Germany feels a lot more diverse than it did my previous two trips. Granted it’s no where near the Melting pot that is America, especially the east coast cities, but there’s still a lot more different groups than just the two that we noticed before. Instead of “German” on one side and Turkish on the other (Germany has a huge Guest worker history and the largest group has been the Turks) Now there’s many groups that are in between. Partly that has to with the Turks and Germans finally mixing because there’s now a generation of German born Turks. But also because other groups of people are coming to Germany as well. The Catholic diocese offers Mass in 18 different languages around the city, and it’s not just for the several groups of tourist that swarm the city.


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