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On Kony 2012 [UPDATED]

Perfectly sums up why I’m not getting swept up in the #Kony fever.

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Do you use Boy Words or Girl Words? Or the other words, but I can’t ‘amember them. (via thoughts ON)

It’s comforting to read this. I have trans friends and it seems like the older someone is, the harder it is for them to understand what gender and trans-ness are. Even I have to confess of being confused or blundering through the pronouns. I’m lucky that my friends are so laid back and don’t care (yet).

And yet Andy writes that a three year-old can understand the difference between what you look like and who you feel like. There’s  hope for the future.

I met Alec when he was 3 years old. I was coming over to babysit – I had met some of Alec’s parents (4 of the 7 of them) at a polyamory event. Seven parents, all over the gender and sexuality spectrum. Eleven children, ages five months through 12 years. Two big houses. Alec was the only kid in the living room when I knocked. He full on bounded toward the door. “Hi I’m Alec are you the babysitter mommy said that we can go to the park if you want t … Read More

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