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Interesting 48 hours or so weather wise.

Yesterday was the day for my Dad to come down and pick me up from school. As I needed to check out of my dorm, since I’m studying abroad in Munich next semester, things were complicated by the fact that I needed to bring EVERYTHING home. I had all day to pack on friday, as followers on my Twitter noticed. But I still didn’t manage to finish packing the night before.

I awoke on Saturday with the news shows absolutely buzzing about this Nor’easter/Blizzard/OMG SNOWPOCOLYPSE!!! And I have to admit the video of President Obama getting off of Air Force One the night before was quite impressive. Props to the pilots being able to land that huge jet in a white out. You could barely see the plane (the half painted white was completely gone) and you could barely catch glimpses of Obama walking down the stairs in between the snow flakes whizzing by the camera, almost sideways. 

I checked the LI ferry website and they had already canceled their service in preparation of the storm. This complicated my Dad’s travel plans. We had to get off LI before it started snowing. Dad decided to go through the Bronx (using the Throggs Neck Bridge) and take the parkways to 91, the way Mom usually goes. Thankfully we loaded up the car and started driving at 1115, only an hour or so behind schedule.

The forecast said NYC and CT would start seeing snow around 2 at the latest. We were still in CT and didn’t see any snow when they said it would start snowing. In fact, as we drove West, and a little by little North, the sky kept getting thinner and lighter. The storm actually stalled over LI and NYC. Snow was supposed to fall in Boston around 6 or so, but 6 hours later, it had just started flurrying. The ground was still too dry (and maybe a little to warm) for it to stick when I went to bed.

I finally awoke to a winter wonderland this morning, only 36 hours or so shy of the Winter Solstice. I only hope we don’t get dumped on as much as DC, and LI.

It’s times like these that really make me appreciate meteorology. I sometimes wish I could study to become a meteorologist and be on TV, but I don’t think I could handle being wrong (a lot)



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