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Digital Natives

Does being a Digital Native – a young Millennial who grew up with computers – allow me to multitask better?

Scientists have already come up with a study that proves adults actually harm their productivity by multitasking, but an article in the NY Times Science section poses the question whether kids do so also.

There’s an example of reading while a movie you know is on. The med student guessed he was reading at 80% efficiency, meaning he would be able to sit there reading for a longer time.  (Literally there is a line in the article like that. I was very surprised when I read it, but it does make sense)

I can really only speak from my study habits though. I noticed when I came to college, they seemed to change. I can’t get much done in my room when it’s the weekend. I have to move to the library – preferably the 1oth floor – where there are a lot less distractions. During the week I usually sit at my computer in my room. I still get distracted but I don’t allow myself to stay distracted for that long. I think it’s because I am aware that I have x amount of time to do something for the next day. During the weekend the due dates are further away and it’s harder to buckle down.

Last night for instance, I was reading a chapter in Marty’s A Christian World and every time I reached a section break, I played a game of Bejeweled Blizt on facebook. I probably didn’t finish my written response to the reading as fast as I would have if I hadn’t played a game, but I was able to stay focused longer by taking a little break for a minute or two. However it was just after midnight when I finished and I didn’t want to start my German essay when I wasn’t at my peak, so I had to do it today instead of doing some work for tomorrow.

Multitasking is a gift and a curse to me. The line between multitasking and procrastinating can get really blurry sometimes. (Facebook really is a hinderance sometimes) I find there are certain things like writing for my creative writing class that I need to turn my internet off. But there are other kinds of assignments that I either need the internet or it doesn’t bother me.


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