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Talaxian Tomatoes Confessional

I am a huge Trekkie and fell in love with Star Trek Voyager while at college. Voyager went off the air right before I started seventh grade, in May of 2001. I never watched it on TV, but I found its presence online. There’s fan videos on youtube as well as a few online communities. I belong to one that is filled with Fan-Fiction writers and readers.

Fan-fiction is a funny thing. I’ve dabbled in it over the years. When I was at BLS, I had several friends who were really into it. I read a few fics about Harry Potter, but I never really saw the point in writing my own. I was, of course more interested in writing original fiction.

Fast Forward to 2010, and I find there’s still a glass ceiling that I need to break through in my writing. I will break it, but I have to work hard the next year and a half, especially if I still want to end up in a MFA program. But I agreed to take part in a Secret Santa Story Swap run by some members of the community.   It’s really the only time I force myself to write fic.  Unfortunately, the week before the gift was due, I ended up working more than 40 hours. I felt pretty rushed, and I was worried that the person who requested a story from me (it’s all done anonymously) would hate it.

I was pleasantly surprised. It seems I can write fanfic pretty well. I thought about it and realized, I’m already dealing with compelling characters, who were drawn out over seven years of television.

So as an experiment, I’m putting up my fanfic story to join the ranks of the other writings I have on here.

Title:  Talaxian Tomatoes Confessional                                                                                                            Rating: PG

Copyright notice: Everything characterwise belongs to Paramount. (I’m just borrowing them real quick)

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