What a crazy winter it’s been!

RIP Winter 2011/2012 – We hardly knew you.

My first winter back in Boston full time, and nothing has happened! I am disappointed, but on the plus side, I had no problems commuting. Whenever it snows, the T gets even less dependable. Also I didn’t have to shovel much at all!

The downside to this crazy season formally known as winter is that I haven’t gone skiing nearly as often I could. Granted not having a car or a license did limit me, and by next winter I hope to at least be able to drive so I could borrow a car. But there is s commuter rail stop within a shuttle ride’s distance to one Massachusetts mountain, and the MBTA did run trains in the morning and evening with ski cars.

I did go up to Sunday River for my yearly pilgrimage over New Year’s Weekend. The winter up there had been so slow going, that over half the trails were closed. Yet because it was a holiday weekend the resort was charging $80 bucks a pop. At least the views were worth it.

So now with March already halfway done, I am heading back up to Sunday River for one last (and my second) trip. The days up there, according to the mountain, alternate between spring skiing days with potential for goggle tans and warmish winter, depending on the cloud cover. During the season they managed to get 100 days of snowmaking in, but for the past week or two have held off on the guns, waiting for Mother Nature to cool down. (I don’t think that’ll happen though)  The snow has been soft, which is great. I just hope there’s some left when I get up there tomorrow!

Tonight I’ll be dreaming of corduroy snow.


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