Honors College Chocolate Tasting

Covered it last Friday for an JRNL 11H article.

Chocolate lovers flocked to the second floor of the library on Friday where the Honors College hosted a bigger and better event for its 6th Annual Chocolate Tasting. This was the first year the tasting was held in the Honors College’s new location and part of the University’s “Sweet Valentine” event series.

The staff of Honors College greeted attendees with an elaborate spread of chocolate products, as well as extensive information on how to enjoy chocolate with all five senses, just like wine. The tables were set up with the darkest chocolate – up to a 100 percent Cacao – at either end while the sweeter chocolate was in the middle along with high quality truffles.

Familiar brands like Ghirardelli and Lindt filled the table but with exotic flavors, such as chocolates with chili or a touch of sea salt. There was chocolate from Trader Joe’s placed in-between the intense dark chocolate and the truffles and artisan chocolate in the middle.

Long lines quickly formed at either end of the tables. Everyone was encouraged to cleanse their palate with water or crackers in order to fully enjoy  the chocolate. Friends brought each other water so they wouldn’t lose their place in line.

The staff also encouraged the budding chocolate connoisseurs to try the 100 or 99 percent cacao. However most who sampled the darkest chocolate echoed the sentiments of HUHC senior Stephen Puliafico when he declared “anything above 75 percent tastes like dirt.”

Love was on the mind of at least a few of the samplers. When a student commented that the darker chocolate could be used as an aphrodisiac or love potion, Associate Dean Neil Donahue laughed. “Love Potion? We’re not responsible for consequences!”

This year’s Chocolate Tasting was better advertised and attended than in previous years where it was an Honors College exclusive event held in the basement of East Library Wing. But Dean Warren Frisina promised the tradition still would be “even bigger next year.”

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