25 Things You Don’t Know, maybe

Inspired by Dave Ursillo’s  25 Things I’ve never told you, I’ve decided to do a list of my own. So in no particular order.
  • I don’t use profanity. I don’t swear or take God’s name in vain. It’s partly a religious reason, and partly a vocabulary/sophistication thing. I do allow myself  “crap” and “hell” which other people who have similar views don’t use. I also have my own four letter word. I use frak from Battlestar Gallatica. It gets the same point across/expresses the same emotion but it’s not actually a swear. Our words are powerful and we should chose them with more care than the TV writers think we do.
  • I’ve been in therapy for a third of my life. The first time was when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. I was referred to the GI liaison in the Psych department because I was having trouble adjusting. But I ended up tackling my social problems at school and saw her once a month, or whenever I had a GI appointment as well for two years or so. Then in junior year of high school I went back to see her when my doctors office told me I should go to her instead of getting a new psych referral.  That was when I got diagnosed with Depression. I’ve been on a low dose of an antidepressant since March of 2006 – almost five years. (I’m never home long enough to get off and see my therapist regularly)
  • I believe in the Placebo Effect strongly. I don’t know if the medicine actually works or if I trick my mind into thinking it does, but either way, I feel better the days I take my medicine than the days I forget to take it.
  • I used to want to be an astronaut. This was long ago, when I was in Kindergarten and first grade. The first place for game shows on Nickelodeon was a trip to Space camp, and I really wanted to go. I still want to experience zero-g, but I haven’t wanted to become an astronaut for a long time now.
  • I was deathly afraid of thunderstorms for a long time. It was the noise of the thunder that scared me, not the lightning. It was related to a fear of loud sudden noises. For instance I hated balloons because I was always worrying about the noise they made when they popped.
  • I’m 1/8th German and 1/8th French. My maternal grandmother is half and half. For the longest time I told people that I was French, Dutch, Italian and German besides my dominant Irish. But that isn’t quite true because the Irish on my mom’s side came from Holland and the Germans came from Italy. So any Dutch and Italian relatives are at least 150 years old, if not older. They are so far distant that I don’t count them anymore. I am three quarters Irish, but since my name is Caitlin Walsh and I’m from Charlestown Massachusetts, everyone just assumes I’m a 100%.
  • I worry about my grades too much. This one you might already now. Right now, probably one of the worst things to happen to me would be to get a C+ or below in my last semester of college. It would really mess up my GPA. I obsess about my grades and have for the longest time. Though in senior year of high school I was pulling D’s in calculus. There wasn’t anything I was doing wrong, I just couldn’t show my teacher I knew the material on the tests. So I have gotten bad grades before, I just strive for excellence so I hope it never happens again.
  • I used to be a girl scout. I lasted three years. I joined when there was enough interest for two troops in Charlestown. My mom was my leader. I never got along with everybody in my troop. When I left, my mom did too and our troop disbanded. I think if any of the other girls were still into it (many weren’t) then they joined the other troop. I did one year of brownie and two years of junior scouts. The cookies and camping were the best parts.
  • I understand football. I don’t know how many times I asked my dad what the numbers 2 & 8 etc meant, but eventually I got it. I enjoy watching the game, especially when I am invested in the team, like when  the Patriots play or when it’s the Playoffs. I also like watching Baseball, though it’s hard for me to sit and watch a game because it can move so slow. I”ll generally watch something else and flip to the Red Sox during the commercials.
  • I still don’t know how to drive. Whenever I tell people that they are so surprised. I don’t need a car when I’m in Boston. I just wish I had one whenever I’m on campus. It’s hard to get around without one.
  • I played the clarinet for over 6 years. I started in sixth grade and when I went to BLS I played in their music program. I was a first clarinet in 8th grade band but got lazy and never practiced after ninth grade. So I was a third clarinet for all of high school band. Our band struggled with being top heavy because we had so many flutes and clarinets.
  • I hate the sound of my voice. Hearing myself on the phone or a voicemail, practically any other recording device, is painful for some reason. I also hate whenever my pitch goes higher and I suddenly sound like I’m a kid again.
  • I hate looking young for my age. I know, in ten year’s time I’ll be glad, but that doesn’t help me now when people don’t believe me when I say I’m 22 already.
  • Glee is one of my guilty pleasures. I love the show, but generally tune out during a musical number. Kurt is my favorite character. So when Glee went all anti-bullying this past fall, I loved it. I can’t wait to see what they do with Karofsky’s character (the bully who kissed Kurt and then threatened to kill him).
  • I’ve been on TV. It was for CatholicTV. They film a television mass and ask priests to come into the studio. Whenever it’s my pastor’s turn, he asks some servers to come with him. The most recent time was this January. Here’s a photo I’ve been an Altar Server for almost 14 years. I love what I do.
  • I can’t cook. I hope whoever I marry can. I’m kidding. I do intend to learn how to cook, or practice soon so the next time I live on my own, I can eat better. Seriously, I don’t even know who to boil potatoes as I learned over break. When I was in Germany, I thought I was going to at least make myself scrambled eggs but ended up only making them once in four months. I can fend for myself, but it’s all breakfast and lunch meals. I probably can bake better right now.
  • I want to be a Priest. A Catholic priest, which is kind of awkward to say the least because they don’t let women into the priesthood. Sometimes I’ve caught myself thinking what would they do with a Trans-man, but I have a feeling they wouldn’t let them in either, if they knew about it. Which brings up…
  • I disagree with the Church on a lot of things, yet I still am proud to call myself Catholic.  I realized last semester that anything going on politically or personally gets left at the door whenever I go to Mass. It’s one of the reasons why I love Mass so much.
  • I like girls. I’m more comfortable with the word queer than bisexual or lesbian for some reason. It can make things a little difficult, but who I am and who I like doesn’t change because of the label I give myself.  The only thing that changes is how some people see me.
  • I thought I was a tomboy for the longest time, until I realized I have almost no athletic ability. The closest I got was Ball Hockey, which was floor hockey under a different name, but that was 6-12 year olds. I also did Little League and turned out to be a decent 2nd basemen, but couldn’t hit a ball to save my life.
  • I worry about health insurance. and the future. I guess it comes with the territory of keeping the healthcare industry in business. Under the old system, I would be uninsurable come May 23rd because I have one, maybe two, pre-existing conditions. I would have to find a stable job right away so I could get benefits in six months. And then I would probably have to change my doctors. But since the bill was passed almost a year ago, I technically can stay on my parents insurance even after graduation. I still worry about it though because it’s so unpopular with the republicans and the tea-party people. Sometimes I feel like they say those things because they don’t know anyone in my shoes. Which is entirely possible given their benefits package they get as members of Congress.
  • I bleed Democrat blue. I live in a blue city, in a blue state. I learned the differences between the two parties as Democrats want to help people and Republicans believe the government is just there to keep order. I was seven. So naturally I have a very biased point of view.  But living where I do there’s little incentive to change my point of view. Most of the time I can appreciate or at least politely ignore what the other side is saying, but there are certain issues close to my heart, like LGBTQ stuff and health insurance that get me riled up. (But I’m still Pro-Life… ish It’s complicated!)
  • I’m a good swimmer. When I was younger, I was a fish. I spent most of the summer in the community pool that was across the street. My father taught me to swim the front crawl when I was younger. I’ve never raced or been in a club though, and I can’t swim the other strokes to save my live.  But I enjoy swimming, even if I’ve never done it for exercise.
  • I love winterguard, and drumcorps. I marched in a winterguard during elementary school. I didn’t really get what we were doing then. But I marched for 5 years. When I got diagnosed with Crohn’s, I had to quit. Soon after, the guard disbanded and I was never able to march again. But I find videos of shows on youtube all the time. I really believe that my exposure to the world of winterguard – the music that guards would choose especially – is why my musical tastes are the way they are.
  • I hate most vegetables I think getting diagnosed with Crohn’s at age 11 and being told “no veggies” for a couple years seriously put a hamper on my taste bud development. I would much rather eat fruit to get the healthy stuff. Plus while I’m at Hofstra, I don’t go near any vegetables that Lackman makes because I don’t want to pay for a serving and find it over cooked or under cooked, which happens a lot.

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  1. Caitlin,

    Congratulations on this piece. I hope it felt as liberating for you as mine was for me to write. It is a pleasure to get to know you better and on a more personal level!


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