10 Years from now

HEMPSTEAD,NY. The tenth year reunion of the Hofstra University Class of 2011 got underway this weekend with various events spread throughout campus for alumni and their families. A special reunion of the Journalism 11 Honors section for Spring 2011 took place in Dumpster Hall. The entire class was able to make it to the reunion and share what’s been going on in their lives since class ended.

Matt Ryan, 31, has turned his passion for Sports and Broadcast Journalism into a job for Fox Sports. Ryan splits his time between the two coasts as he covers both Football and Baseball. Highlights of his career include  calling both the Super Bowl and the World Series.

Ben Schaefer, 28 managed to secure a position at the New York Times Travel section after graduation. His first assignment was to travel to Alaska and cover the Inuit population. After he filed his report, he resigned from the Times and stayed in Alaska. He said he “renounced all ties with society” by living in a tent in the summer and an igloo for winter. He lives about 5 miles out-of-town and off the land by hunting and fishing. When asked about his parents, he said they’re “not happy” and they “haven’t visited since I moved.”

Vanessa Mota, 36, was lucky to find success in the competitive Public Relations field. After working for Warner Brothers as a PR specialist, Mota decided to take a risk and open up her own PR agency. She was able to find a niche in the market and now her company organizes entrainment events for clients such as Univision,  one of the Spanish-speaking television networks. Of all the classmates, Mota was one of the few to stay on the Island, mainly because she was already raising a family while she was at Hofstra. Although since her agency has taken off, she has moved her family into a “bigger house”.


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