Hello Hofstra! again…

Just one more semester. Repeat whenever there’s a speed bump, hardship, et cetera.

117 days until May 22nd. That’s when I graduate.

Things are as up in the air as ever but for once, I don’t mind as much. I’ve come to terms with where I’m going and what I’m looking for. I guess it helps that I…

..got an editorial internship with Universal Record Database. There are tons of videos on the site of records (made up by the users) and I’m helping by turning that into a book. At first it sounds corny, but their principles are pretty cool. Anyone can be a record breaker. All you need to know is what you’re good at and turn that talent into a record.

So right now I’m about knee-deep in email correspondence. My job is to email these record breakers to make sure there’s a response and that it’s okay to ask questions. But there will be other tasks added soon because this book project is running on a tight deadline of 1/31!

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