2010 Grades.

I has them.

Semester GPA: 3.71
Cumulative GPA: 3.64

Department Number Section Credits Grade
CRWR 191F 01 3 B+
ENGL 115 01 3 A-
ENGL 145A A 3 A
ENGL 195Q 01 3 A
GERM 153 01 3 B+
HIST 129 01 3 A

That History class in the last row actually counts for my English Major. It was a fun class, studying the Reformation and Counter Reformation. History of the Christian Churches, part 2. The professor wished I wasn’t graduating in the spring or I could take the part 1 next fall. Personally, I don’t know if learning about the orthodox split and the early church before that could be as interesting as learning about Luther and everyone after him. I did a presentation on the Born Again Movement where I got to research the modern mega-churches, Billy Graham and Focus on the Family. I got to show clips from Jesus Camp. Scared my class.

Next semester I’m going to take more English Classes. I have two empty spaces that are going to be filled with Intro Journalism, so I get some experience writing hard news. I don’t really enjoy that kind of writing, but I’m hoping to learn some skills in case I need to report hard news for a job. Also taking another German class. The grammar hasn’t quite stuck yet and I’m making stupid mistakes.

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