Character Sketch

School has started up again, and so has my creative writing class. The first assignment is a one page character sketch.

I had intended to create a character from scratch, but found I had writers block. – Now I realize that I made the right choice in taking a second character based class instead of the plot one. – So I decided to sketch my best friend Jane.


It was clockwork: every March, my best friend  Jane would get such a nasty cold that nearly incapacitated her for two weeks. In a school of overachievers, Jane overachieved the most. She loaded her schedule with as many AP classes as our school would allow, with the rest being honors classes. We had a motto, “BS is two thirds BLS” because most of us overachievers excelled at getting the most out of the least work. But not Jane. She fired on all cylinders in every class, which meant she had to do homework every night for 6 classes.

On top of her heavy school load, Jane was on Varsity crew. During crew preseason she would run laps around the basement of our school with her teammates every day for almost two months. That was right around February and March, so maybe the added stress is what caused the yearly cold. In gym class, especially before she joined crew, she never seemed very athletic, but after a few years of crew, she was muscular. She loved to run and row.

Jane is really down to earth when it came to things outside of school. Her hair is always shorter than her shoulders, barely long enough to put into a ponytail most of the time. It’s just one aspect of her no-nonsense approach to her appearance. She never wears make up, and the majority of her clothes were chosen for their comfort over anything else. While we were at school and most of our classmates were very style conscious, Jane stood out by ignoring what was popular. It seemed most of her shirts came from gift shops and souvenir places.

Jane is soft spoken, with a generous sense of humor. She’s never the first one to start laughing, but joins in almost immediately. She prefers dinners with her friends, sometimes as a big group but mostly one at a time. It doesn’t matter what we do or eat, because we always have a good time.


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