When you look at this map, it looks daunting right? When we first came to Munich, several of my friends confessed to feeling intimidated by the subway system. I was not, as I was already accustomed to using subways back in Boston, and to a lesser extent, New York and DC.

However I don’t blame them. This map shows both the Subway (The U-Bahn) and the S-Bahn. It’s hard to find an exact translation/equivalent to the S-Bahn but the closest would be the Commuter Rail in Boston, or the Long Island Rail Road, if both systems went through the city and proceed to go out the other side. That’s what long thick strip in the middle of the map is – nearly all the S-Bahn lines.

Getting around is relatively easy, especially with a monthly pass. I had an id for the system that let me get reduced price on the passes. And I used the system nearly every day as the dorms were on one line and JYM’s office were on another. My commute took about 40 minutes, give or take, which is what I had during High School. But I’m not sure if I covered the same amount of ground in Munich as I did in Boston.  From Studentenstadt, where all the students live, I had to go down to Seldinger Tor and Transfer to the U2 and take it just two stops to Koinigsplatz. Or it’s about a 15 minute walk from Odeonsplatz which is on the U6. I never did figure out which way was quicker as I only walked a few times.  I suppose the only difficulty was going back from Koinigsplatz to say Marienplatz. It was only three stops, but it was a bit awkward because of the transfer. If it was just to get something to eat at Viktualienmarkt or something like that, then I found it easier to walk to Hauptbahnhof and take the S-Bahn instead of dealing with the transfer. I could have also just taken the U2 to Seldinger Tor and walked as it was really close to Marienplatz.


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