Munich Philharmonic

Better Late than never.

One of my favorite memories in Munich was going to see The Munich Philharmonic. It was the “Uni-Night” meaning students got in for 10 Euros, but I got to go for free because I went with my culture class. One of the assignments we had in that class was to attend four different cultural events and write a report about them. I chose a movie, a reading, a festival held at our dorms, and the Philharmonic.

I have been fortunate enough to attend a few classical concerts back in the States, but the atmosphere around the Gasteig, where the Philharmonic play, was different. Even though it was student night, most if not all the guests milling about, waiting for the house to open, were at least dressed up a little bit. I was glad I decided to change into my khakis, but even then I felt slightly under dressed.  I’m sure it was possible to see the Philharmonic if you weren’t dressed up, because it was student night, but it looked like a lot of the students had decided to anyways. Back in the states, I remember seeing concerts on field trips and the whole hall filled with others who were obviously students, all dressed in jeans or something else casual. But in Munich, it was harder to pick out the student verses the regular Orchestra goers.

I was really glad I got to go because it was such a rewarding experience. The Hall itself was very impressive and modern (one of those designed for the best acoustics) while the music was interesting.

I fell in love with Frank Zappa’s Bogus Pomp. It was my first time hearing it and it was so… it’s almost indescribable because Zappa was a primarily rock composer and musician, who carried his style over to the orchestra. They used plastic as instruments (no lie) for a brief part of the piece. They also stamped and shouted occasionally as well. It was all in sync and awesome. Bizarre and awesome and the same time.



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2 responses to “Munich Philharmonic

  1. Kathleen

    I know there is a Zappa festival in Germany, I would be interested in hearing this piece if you have it.

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