Typical day as a JYMer

My time in Germany will be over in a month. Our program is putting a year book together. At first I didn’t think I would submit anything, then last week I remembered I had a blog post about globalization in Germany so that’s going to be in the year book. I also wrote a humorous piece about a day in the life as a JYMer. It’s supposed to be German and English mixed together.

Typische Tag als ein/e JYMer

0730 Aufwachen.
0745 Really Aufwachen. Why did I sign up for a 9 am course again?
0750 In the shower, trying not to think of how I need to clean my bathroom.
0820 Begin the 40 minute commute/ordeal to JYM. I base how my day’s going go based on how the Zugführer sounds when he says. zurückblieben bitte.
0900-1030 Advance German Language class aka Finding out how little Deutsch ich weiß
1030-1330 Mittags Pause. Ich suche Mittagessen. Mahlzeit? Mensa? Soll ich Hausaufgabe mache? Maybe.
1330-? Okay, signing up for zwei Kurse Rücken an Rücken the same day as the 9am one was probably a mistake, but I like them too much.
~1800 Freiheit! Another 40 minute hike zur StuSta
~1930 Getrinkladen. Billig (GUT) Bier. Trying to spend nur 2 5 Euro.
2000 Abendessen. Tribühne food isn’t mouthwatering, but it’s billig, and that’s what matters. As soon as I open my mouth, they can tell I’m American.
2100 Hausaufgaben.
2350 Quick call Home.
2430 Ins Bett gehen. Sich wiederholen am Morgen.

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