I’m feeling very conflicted and upset about the Global Catholic Church. Another Sex Abuse scandal was uncovered in Germany, right about the same time I arrived. There’s been a front page article about it in the small newspaper my Uncle gets nearly every day.

As soon as I saw the scale of this, my first thought was first Boston/America, then Ireland, and Germany. Where next? I had a paranoid thought that this was a GLOBAL cover up/conspiracy and that it went straight to the top!

I hope I’m not right.

I don’t know why the first scandal Boston didn’t affect me that much. My mother was so upset that she couldn’t stay in the Catholic Church any more. She joined the Episcopalian church and is happier and more active in her parish now than she was at our Catholic parish.

But how can I stay with an organization that clearly has issues protecting children? It’s not an isolated event. It’s happened at least three times in three different countries. But the story of covering up abuse and moving offenders around remains the same. If another scandal does break (and the cynic in me thinks there will be) will the Church’s response be any different?

As a Bostonian, I saw the effects of the American scandal first hand. Attendance was down and the Archdiocese had to close numerous parishes due to financial constraints, as they had to hand over a lot of money in the settlement with the victims. I don’t know what happened in Ireland, or what will happen in Germany, but I do hope that who ever is in charge of Priest assignments wakes up.


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