I had a conversation with one of my friends last night. We were talking about writing (I’m a writing major, she does it for fun). I revealed that I haven’t touched my attempt of a novel that I wrote during November. I haven’t even finished it.

I almost never revise my stuff I write outside of class. I’m not saying they’re perfect – far from it, but I don’t really have a carrot to entice me to go through all that effort. When I’m in class, I do revise, sometimes going through a second draft in between the first draft for workshop and the final draft for the grade. I’ve been in 3 Creative Writing Classes and have gotten the sense that the professor grades me as much for the effort I put into revising as the quality of the work. (My professors factor workshopping into their grades)

That being said, I will make an effort to finally revise what I wrote here in November. First thing first, is I am slimming the story down. Andrew Entscheid version 2.0 is older. He lives with his girlfriend and works for the Government, much in the same role as his dad (who won’t be a fixture in the story anymore). So by making Andrew older, I’m getting rid of ALL of the uncomfortable, clunky high school segments. Now the problem is I have to convey the information through a different means. I liked the idea of the philosophy class, but I realized I can’t write a classroom scene to save my life.

Stay tuned, because if I like what I write, then it’s going here again! I told my friend that I like this idea a lot. When I think of the future books, they might have an idea based off what I’m working on now!


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