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I found some interesting mini essays I wrote for my Humanities class in senior year. They were several questions and answers, mostly regarding philosophy.  I have taken a look at what I wrote at the end of my senior year, and have revised my answers, for the most part.

Who Am I?

Where am I going?

Where do I come from?

What is Power?

What is Knowledge?

What is Time?

And I found an Emerson Quote with my assignment that I had forgotten. I think it’s a great quote, even better than his ‘To be great is to be misunderstood’ quote that I have under my email signature.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”


Who Am I?

The short answer is I am ME. But the long answer is I am energetic, outgoing, curious, hard-working and kind-hearted young woman who loves to read and write.

Where Am I Going?

I know it is cliche, but my life is a road. Low points in my life are when the road is in the middle of nowhere. I’ve even had to pull over and rest at a rest stop for a while. I’ve felt like I was going in circles. But I think I’ve finally put it behind me. I can see up ahead there is an intersection. I still don’t know which way I’ll go because all 3 routes look equally promising for the most part.

One path leads to pursuing my writing for a living. I know what I would have to do if I were to take that path. I would have to get into an MFA program and the hopefully teach so I don’t have to worry about freelancing.

Another path leads to law school, with the idea that I would work for the People.

The third path is one that has opened up just recently and is not as fully formed as the other two but it’s pull is just as strong, if not stronger. I would go to Divinity School. The goal would be to become a priest. Since that’s impossible in my current faith, I would have to look into switching teams. (And yes, before you ask, I do feel a big pull, whenever I’m on the altar. I’ve been an altar server for 14 years this May.)

Where Do I Come From?

If we look back far enough, we see the recorded events of the universe, etched into the universe itself.  It all started with the Big Bang. But people have wondered where the Big Bang came from for years. I seriously think that it came from God. Not God as in God the Father, but god.

This god has many, many names but it all boils down to a Supreme Being. The whole texts like “Evening came and morning followed – the fifth day” are just a humanistic definition of time that has come before. Each religion, each creed, has their own humanistic interpretation of what has come before. “Man in gods own image” is a way quantifying of the unquantifiable. Man is more willing to believe in what he can grasp. I know two plus two is four because I can count. And I know there is a wind because the leaves move in the air.  I come from man’s question to understand, and man’s use of faith to try to reach the goal of understanding.

What is Power? — I have issues with the answer I gave at the end of  Senior Year, but seeing as I don’t really have a better answer, I’ll post what I wrote then.

Power is something that you have over people. Power is not influence, or fear due to the consequences of disobeying. Power is more like the essence of forgiveness. When you use power, people remember you, and they remember you in good taste. Power can been seen in forgiveness, compassion, understanding, even acknowledging the person. Power is not fear or force. Rulers that believe that is what power is or should be, rule in fear. They fear most their own subjects, who could rise up against them. What good is power if one can not use it for fear of the retribution.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge does not deal with right or wrong questions. I think that would be intelligence. Instead, knowledge deals with all the questions that are in the gray area between right and wrong, yes and no. And the questions that have no correct answer. It is the ability to take these questions or others and understand them. And then not only to understand them, but to make a reasonable attempt at answering them. Knowledge is basically an awareness self and of the world around.

Socrates, one of the “smartest” and most respected minds from history said it best: “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.”

What is Time?

I ask another question: Does time pass if no one is around to experience? I think it does. Not in minutes, hours or seconds (as those are human constructions) but in Planet rotations, orbits and seasons changing.

When you remove the human experience from the equation, the perspective changes, but the names stay the same. A Volcano is an example.  Before it erupted, earthquakes/tremors and steam announce it’s arrival. And after it’s done, the lava will harden, creating new land if its an Island Volcano. If it’s not, then the surrounding plants and animals were either killed or damaged, but the area eventually will get back to normal.


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