Taking a Religion Class on Your Own Faith

This semester I’m taking a class on Catholicism, which is quite interesting. It is not a theology class, but almost everyone in the class has been exposed to Christianity or Catholicism in particular. I am not the only practicing Catholic in the class. This past week we have tackled very big problems in the Church. For Tuesday we had to read the Apolistic Letter by Pope John Paul II regarding the ordination of women.

The class reaction was generally one of disbelief. Most in the class couldn’t comprehend why the Vatican would deny women the chance to become Priests. I for the most part agreed with them, but I wasn’t nearly as vocal in the class as I could have been, because I already discussed it with my professor.

If given the chance, I would want to go to the Seminary. (There’s a reason why I still serve Mass whenever I’m home – I love being on the altar) I saw the shortage of Priests in the US, and in my archdiocese and thought the ordination of women would solve the problem. But now I realize it wouldn’t make a difference. The way my professor explained it to me, the Vatican made even discussing ordination of women off-limits because they’re only seeing a priest shortage in the US. In their mission countries across the world: in Latin America, Africa,  and India, Vocations are thriving. There are already some international priests serving in the US. I have heard my grandmother complain that she can’t understand Father Martin because of his thick accent. I present to you the future of American Catholicism. In a reversal of fortune/fate, the US will become the mission country, with Priests being sent from other countries to the US to keep parishes open because there are no domestic priests to run them.

For the next class, we have to read a column by Andrew Sullivan, about being Gay and Catholic. I’ll post on Friday about that class.


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