A Thankful Post

I’ve heard people say online that Thanksgiving is the true American holiday, more than Christmas. And I agree with them. There are so many different versions of Christmas, and the celebrations vary around the world and around the country. But Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving. No matter where you go – Except maybe Canada 😉

I am always mindful of how lucky I am. I have been given wonderful opportunities in life and also feel blessed. I always celebrate Thanksgiving by serving Mass. (It’s not a holy day, but especially since I’ve gone off to school, I love coming back to my home parish for Thanksgiving break) and then a family dinner. My father is one of seven so there’s always lots of family for the holiday. 

This year I am thankful for the people around me – both in Real Life and online. I’m thankful for my family, for my health (I’m so fortunate that both my Crohn’s and Depression are under control) and for my success at school. Everyday I thank the big guy upstairs for all my gifts but today especially I want to give thanks.

I am thankful for you reading this too! 🙂


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