The Power of the Exiled – Ch 5 Part 2

I know it’s been 5 days since I’ve posted anything for nanowrimo. That’s because I haven’t written anything either. So this follows immediately after what I posted previously, (Andrew coming home and dreaming again)

Needless to say Andrew didn’t sleep well. He awoke before his alarm went off, which was a rarity these days. His sheets had wound their way around his legs and his blanket was completely on the floor. He quickly made his bed and got dressed before heading downstairs a little earlier than usual. His mother was reading the newspaper print out with her coffee. When she noticed Andrew in the kitchen, she got up and busied herself with breakfast. “Good Morning, Andrew. You’re up Early.”

“Morning, Mother. I didn’t sleep well. I had a very disturbing dream.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. -Your father is here this morning. Do you think we should make a nice breakfast?”

“Yes, that sounds like a plan. How about… um…” Andrew looked at the clock and realized for once, he wasn’t late. “Pancakes?”

“We haven’t had those as a family in a long time. I hope I still have all the ingredients.” Mrs. Entschied went to her hutch and took out the flour and sugar. Then she looked in the refrigerator and took out the butter, eggs, milk and baking soda. “Looks like we just have enough. I’ll have to go shopping today though.”

“Thank you mother.” Andrew poured himself a glass of juice and took a long sip from it. He found the grill in the cabinet and put it on the stove top. He lit the burner underneath and set it on medium.

Mrs. Entschied started to make the pancake batter. “Would you want to tell me about your dream?”

For the second day in a row, Andrew nearly choked. He grabbed some paper towels to clean up the mess he made and prayed to the Almighty that his mother didn’t notice. “Well, I would, but I’m not sure if I should.” He threw the used paper towels away. “Mother, do you tell Father everything I tell you?”

Mrs. Entschied stopped stirring the pancake batter. “Andrew? Why would you ask a question like that? I’m surprised.”

But really, Andrew needed to know, how much he could tell her without running the risk of her telling his father. That was the last thing he wanted. “If I tell you about my dream, would you tell Father?”

“What? Of course not! Andrew, I may tell your father a lot of things about you, but I keep things private as well. This will be just between us.” Mrs. Entschied proceed to start putting some of the batter on the grill. She adjusted the temperature of the burner and faced her son again, expectant.

Andrew took a deep breath. “Well, in my dream, I’m being charged with a crime, a crime I know that I didn’t commit. The judge and jury are the same and, even though I profess my innocence, I’m found guilty. How could I commit a crime without remembering it? I’ve never heard of the punishment that they give me. I’m to be Exiled. They drag me – because I won’t go willingly – to another room where there’s a machine and they call it an Exiler-”

Mr. Entschied came in. “What’s an Exiler?” he asked.

“Father! You scared me. Uh… the Exiler is just something that was in my dream last night. No big deal.” Mr. Entschied kissed his wife good morning and proceeded to pour himself a cup of coffee. He looked at Andrew for a long moment. A thought came to him: What if Andrew really did know about Miles? He shook it out of his head and proceeded to scan the newspaper.

The pancakes didn’t take long to make and soon Mrs. Entschied put a stack of them in front of Andrew and her husband. She put some more batter on the grill while her two boys dug in. “Mmmm.” Andrew was happy at the first bite. “Very good Mother.”

“As always.”  Mrs. Entschied finished cooking the rest of the pancakes and gave both of them seconds while she ate three herself. The three of them ate contentedly in silence for a few minutes before Mr. Entschied broke the silence.

“You see the paper Andrew?” he pointed to the printout of the paper that had pushed aside when they started to eat. “They published a retraction about yesterdays column and a response as well.”

“No I haven’t Father.” This time, Andrew wasn’t interested in reading the newspaper. In fact he had a strong desire to avoid the paper for several days after what happened yesterday. Part of him wished he hadn’t promised Miles that he would skip lunch and go back to the forest. Andrew looked at the clock again. “I really should get to school early. I need to talk to my history teacher.” He put his empty plate in the dishwasher and kissed both his parents good-bye.


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