The Power of the Exiled – Ch 4 Part 2

This is happening the same time Andrew is in the library reading the column by Miles and the Freedom Fighters in Part 1

Mr. Entschied headed back to his work. He knew that Andrew wouldn’t have known who Miles Baris was from that photo, but he had to ask anyway as a formality. Lord Duffy would not let Andrew escape questioning just because his father worked in the Investigations department.

He walked through the courtyard that was in front of his building. He was using the main entrance today. Most of the time he entered through the employee entrance near the rear of the building, but he didn’t bother this time. The foyer was filled with natural light because there were twenty foot high windows on three sides. A security guard sat a desk and was busy directing people who needed to get to different departments. He nodded to Mr. Entschied as he walked by. Mr Entschied walked down a hallway, past the public elevators and headed towards the rear of the building where Lord Duffy had some office space.

“Is Lord Duffy in?” He asked the administrative assistant.

“Yes he is just finishing up with Alvis and Malone in his office,” she said while closing a desk drawer. She looked up at Mr. Entschied, “he said for you to go right in.”

“Thank you Anna,” Mr. Entschied said. He walked past her desk and knocked on the door to Lord Duffy’s office.

“Enter.” A voice came from within. Mr. Entschied opened the door and found Lord Duffy huddled over the giant table in his office with Alvis and Respected Malone standing with him. Mr. Entschied figured Alvis would be with Lord Duffy as he was the high judge’s personal science official, but he was surprised to see Respected Malone, who was usually too busy with his church and didn’t come by that often.

“Ah Entschied. How did your interview with your son go?”

“Just as I told you it would go, my Lord. Andrew didn’t even recognize Baris from his prison photo.” Lord Duffy had a dour look on his face. “I take it you don’t have any leads so far?”

“No Entschied. It seems the trail has gon cold. Alvis, Malone and I haven’t had any productive interviews.” He shifted through the papers that were spread all over the table.

“What does this mean my Lord?”

“It means that someone is lying. It could be your son -”

“But I know Andrew! He’s not lying. In fact he seemed confused as to why I even was bringing it up.” Lord Duffy glared at Mr. Entschied for a moment.

“What do we do then? We can’t just keep asking them the same types of questions and hope that they’ll suddenly change their answers,” Malone offered.

“No… Respected Malone has a point. Alvis? Where did Baris say he needed to meet this Andrew today?”

“Hang on… I’m trying to remember.” Alvis put his hands on his temple. “The forest! That’s it.”

“I don’t suppose that Baris was incompetent enough to say which forest?” Alvis shook his head.

Lord Duffy walked to his computer terminal and brought up a map of the town. The three men followed and stood behind him. “Computer,” Lord Duffy called, “Access the list of Andrews from the inquiry made this morning and highlight any areas of forests near their places of residence, employment and education.” The computer took a few seconds to comply. Lord Duffy turned on the overhead projector and waited for the map to appear.

“Look there are a total of six areas of forest that are associated with our top Andrews. Entschied, there’s a particularly dense area right by your house. Do you know if your son ever cuts through it as a short cut?”

“I don’t know my Lord, but I assume all the kids do since it’s in between school and the area of town we live in.”

“Lord Duffy studied the map for several moments. “Alvis, tell the Investigations and Police Departments to have several groups of officers and agents ready within the hour. I want to deploy them throughout these areas so we can catch the Andrew that Baris and his men wanted to contact.”

“My Lord, we should equip each team with analyzers to possibly detect Baris as well.”

“Good idea Alvis. But I thought you said it would be extremely difficult to use these in broad daylight.”

“That is correct, my Lord. But it would be better than going in blind.”

“Very well. See to it.” Alvis left the room. “Entschied, I think you know I want you on one of the teams. I’m going to leave it up to you where you want to be.”

“Thank you my Lord. I think I would be more useful stationed in the forest that is closest to Murdoch. I have a hunch it might be him who is working from the inside.”

“If that’s true then he’s one hell of a liar. I couldn’t even tell, and I’m usually a good judge of liars.” Lord Duffy looked back at the map. “Go then. Be ready with in the hour.” Mr. Entschied bowed slightly and left. “If he’s covering the Murdoch forest, then I want you at the forest near his son.”

“You don’t trust him?”

“It’s not him that I don’t trust. It’s the father son bond. I’m afraid it might make him blind and unable to see when his son is lying to him. Keep an eye on him.”

“Yes my Lord,” and the Respected departed, leaving Lord Duffy alone to contemplate how this simple Exilement got so complicated so quickly.


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  1. I am the real Lord Roy Duffy and I find your store on LORD DUFFY a interesting story.
    I have lots of tales to tell maybe you should do another book on Lord Duffy.

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