Meep – a four letter word?

According to an blurb on website, the principal of Danvers High School has banned the word Meep. The principal went further and warned that suspension is a possibility if students say or display the word again.

All because “students said it to repeatedly interrupt school.”  The students had planned it on facebook.

This is a little extreme. I think it was harmless. Most of the comments on the article say that it was harmless as well to varying degrees.

At the root of the problem is the principal’s fear of losing control – which is pretty pathetic that he feels threatened by  a word used most often by a character from “The Muppet Show.”

It’s just a show of exercising power that ends up being useless. The students are most likely going to ignore his threat. It would be better for the Principal to ignore the Meep and just deal with the disruptions on their own.

Also it is an example of the widening gap between generations. I don’t know exactly how old this principal is, but I can bet by his reaction to Meep that he doesn’t understand it as a trivial word the way high school and college kids do. Meep is just a random word to say, nothing more and nothing less.



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2 responses to “Meep – a four letter word?

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