The Story so far…

The perils of NaNoWrimo: Some days you can write 2ooo words, some days you barely have time for 200…

Yesterday was a day were I didn’t get much done. I’m sitting in the library with Andrew, who is starting to read the column that Miles and his gang wrote, but before he can read it I have to write it!

So while I focus on that today/tomorrow I thought I’d link all three chapters here for people to catch up.

And make a belated disclaimer: NaNoWriMo isn’t about quality, it’s about quantity (they say so right on their website) The goal is to get people to write every day. So what I post here has been spell checked but that is all – no revisions during NaNo.

Chapter One: In which we meet Andrew and get the lay of the land. Andrew has dreamt about Miles and his fellow prisoners getting Exiled for weeks but this is the first time that it was different.

Chapter Two: Lord Duffy (the head government official) is not happy about Miles and brings in Andrew’s Father (who works as an Investigator for the Government) for some questions.

Chapter Three: Andrew has to suffer through school. An uncomfortable debate brings up unwanted memories but Andrew’s Father comes to ask him about Miles… Can Andrew lie to his father for the first time in his life?


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