The Power of the Exiled – Chapter 4

Andrew slipped into the library, trying to avoid the librarians. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be there, and if they saw him they would probably would get him in trouble. Andrew thought that since he was in his last year, he should have a little more freedom. If he wanted to go to the library instead of going to class – especially a boring class like history – then he should be allowed to. But there was no point in arguing with the school’s administrators.

He searched for a secluded table that was out of sight from the main desk, grabbing a large book off the shelves as he went. He found a quiet corner and sat down, setting the book – Norton’s Anthology of Contemporary Literature – up so everyone thought he was reading that. But in reality, he was reading the column that he had pulled out from his backpack.

” ‘The Liberty Government – You are not as free as you appear to be’  by MB LT RF RC JM

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…

Those words begin the Declaration of Independence, a document the American Colonists wrote to the British crown nearly three hundred and fifty years ago. No one remembers those words anymore because they’re not taught in schools anymore.  The colonists believed that they British crown was interfering with their daily lives even though he was across an ocean and they had no representation over there. By signing their Declaration, they were in effect committing treason. But they were standing up for what they believed in.  History is filled with similar stories a minority view breaking free of the majority.

Consider this our Declaration. We call ourselves Freedom Fighters and we have been kept silent long enough by the Liberty Government. They control all media and information. Anyone who wishes to publish an opposing view is brought in for questioning at best and captured and exiled at worst. We have long worked to chip away at the Government’s control. We cannot sit idly by while a people lets their Government tell them what to think. As long as the Government has complete control over the net, the newspapers, the television stations, then they can tell their people whatever they want – and the people believe them.

Think about it. If tomorrow the Government sent out a news bulletin denouncing this column and us as its writers, would you believe them automatically? Or would you think for yourself for once, compare what we are telling you versus what the Government is telling you and realize it doesn’t add up? (It never does)

The Government does a lot of things for us that deemed for the good of us. But what they are really doing is taking the choices out of our hands and making them for us. If a woman gets pregnant and it is determined that their baby has Down Syndrome while still in the womb, then the Government forces that woman to get an abortion. It doesn’t matter that the child might have been high functioning and been able to live on its own, it is too much of a risk to take. The same goes for teenagers who get pregnant. The Government deems them all unfit mothers and forces them to get abortions. What about 18/19 year olds who are out of school and already have a job? Age alone should not determine whether one is a capable parent.

And so we have worked to get our alternative views out there. But when the Liberty Government seeks to control all information, it is hard to do. We only ask that you start thinking for yourself. Maybe then you’ll realize how much you have given over to the Government. For the longest time we have worked mainly underground, but today we put this out because we believe we will be caught soon, despite always trying to stay one step ahead of the Government. In fact, by the time you read this, we may very well be exiled. But do not worry, we have people working for us that can continue our message when we are gone.”

Andrew sat there after finishing the column for a long time. He didn’t quite know where these Freedom fighters got their ideas, but he was intrigued by their belief in freedom of information. He tried to imagine himself with an infant. Would he had been able to get a job and provide for Eileen and their child like he kept saying he could? Probably not. But he did agree with them about not only using age to determine capabilities of parenthood.


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