The Power of the Exiled – Ch 2 Part 2

Chapter 2 continues below. If you missed part 1 here it is.

As soon as seven o’clock struck, Lord Duffy dialed the Entscheid’s house. He didn’t want to call later and miss him.

The phone rang and rang until finally someone very sleepy picked up. “Hello?”

“I’m looking for Mr. Patrick Entschied. Tell him Lord Duffy is looking for him.”

“Speaking my Lord. What is it that you need?” Mr. Entscheid wasn’t so sleepy anymore.

“I would like you come in as soon as possible. I need to interview you about something.”

“Of course my Lord, I’ll be there right away.” There was a pause. “May i inquire as to what this interview is about?”

“Frankly, Entscheid, no you can’t. You’ll find out what you need to know when you need to know it. I await your arrival. Meet me in one of the confrenece rooms on the first floor.”

“Yes, my Lord.” And he hung up.

Lord Duffy didn’t have to wait long. He ordered some coffee and breakfast pastries from the Catering division and had them set up in a small conference room near the computer room. Within a half hour, Mr. Entschied came hurrying in, looking flushed but well kept.

“Ah, Entscheid, you made good time. Please sit down. Would you care for some coffee, maybe a pastry?”

“Thank you, my Lord. I managed to skip breakfast in my haste to get here. I didn’t want to keep you waiting long.” Patrick poured himself a cup of coffee and grabbed one of the danishes from the top of the pile.

“Not at all Entschied. We don’t want you going to work on an empty stomach. Now, let’s get down to business shall we?” Lord Duffy shuffled some papers until he found the one he was looking for. “You’ve been working for us for over seven years now?”

“Yes my Lord, it will be seven and a half years next month.”

“Wonderful. We really like dedicated employees such as yourself. Do you like your job?”

“Oh yes, my Lord. I was hesitant to work in the Investigations department at first, but my supervisor said that I had the makings of a good detective from the start.”

Lord Duffy showed Mr. Entschied his info sheet. “Yes and Mr Johnston has commended your actions both in the field and in the office on five seperate occasions. He has told me that he regards you as one of his most trusted agents.” Lord Duffy put Mr. Entschied’s info sheet back in the pile and took out a folder. He opened it and took out a photograph. “Do you know who this man is?”

“Yes, my Lord, it is Miles Baris. We captured him over a month ago along with four other right-wing dissidents. We sent them off to be Exiled after they were found guilty of treason, conspiracy and… Forgive me my Lord, I seem to have forgotten the last charge.”

“It’s fine, Entschied. Baris and his fellow compatriots were also guilty of inciting public disturbances. I was at their Exiling earlier this morning myself.”

“Did they go quietly, my Lord?”

Lord Duffy sighed. “No, Entschied, I’m afraid they didn’t. I believe that Baris lied to me when he said he didn’t know what the Exiler was -”

“But, my Lord, we keep that information strictly classified. Only Investigators and judges who have been here five years or –

“Precisely Entschied. I also believe they have a plan in place for when they were caught and exiled. The column in today’s paper further confirms my hunch.”

“Forgive me Lord, but I have not yet seen today’s paper. What column are you referring to?”

Lord Duffy flipped the pile of papers in the folder over and took the top two sheets to show to Patrick. “This was inserted into the Paper’s code late last night. it will not appear on screen but will print out with the rest of the paper.”

“Ingenious.” Mr Entschied said under his breath.

“Yes, and we have no idea who put it there. Baris and his compatriots had been in your departments custody for a little over a month so it means-”

“They had outside help.” Mr. Entschied finished for him.

Lord Duffy nodded and sat for a moment before continuing. “As I said, there were some… complications during the Exiling. I just discovered from Alvis this morning that the Exilees can see each other. – How’s your son Andrew?”

Mr. Entscheid shifted in his seat and took a long swig of coffee. “Fine, my Lord.”

“Does he talk about Ellie at all?”

“No my Lord he hasn’t in nearly a year… I’m afraid I don’t know how Andrew is connected to all of this.”

Lord Duffy took a sip of his coffee. “Baris did not go quietly. He said something about Andrew being the only one who could help him. He was to meet them in the forest this afternoon.”

Mr. Entschied’s hand stopped mid way between his plate and his mouth. “You think my Andrew’s involved with Baris?”

Lord Duffy sighed. “Unfortunately Baris was not incompetent enough to say a last name. We only called you in on a hunch that they would be looking for someone who was connected to the Government.” Mr. Entschied was very still. “I don’t mean to imply your son is involved, but his incident last year with Ellie does make him susceptible. If Baris were to somehow find him and reach out…”

“There’s no way Andrew would be swayed to go along with those people! I raised my son in the beliefs of our Liberty Government.”

“Perhaps, but he may be forced to go along as an unwilling participant. We don’t know what Baris and his men are capable of.”

“Anything to get their message of Right-wing lies and hate across…”

Lord Duffy nodded. “So they are unpredictable.We should at least bring Andrew in for questioning.”

“Yes my Lord, that does sound prudent.” Mr. Entschied rose. “If I may, my Lord, I can get Andrew out of school myself.”

“Before you do that, I would like you to head the new case. This is our first dealings with Exiled who are still a threat to the peace of our way. I want an agent who has had experience with these criminals in charge.”

“Thank you, my Lord. I consider it an hour.” Mr. Entschied bowed.

“I’ll have all the classified information sent to your office. I want this under wraps, so choose your men carefully. Alvis and I will be overseers, but the case is up to. Get to the bottom of this mystery and fast.”

“Yes, my Lord. I will.” And Mr. Entscheid left the conference to see if his son really was connected to Baris. He shuddered at the idea of an evil man like Baris trying to sway his son…


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