The Power of the Exiled – Chapter 2 Part 1

So I ended Chapter 1, mainly because I wanted to move onto a new scene. (that is the perils of writing NaNo. A warning, I might have to write out of order, if writer’s block begins to settle in. Or I might find inspiration to write a scene but have no idea where it fits in. I’ll give ample warning before I post it. )

In case you missed Chapter 1 of my novel, I introduced you to Andrew. He had a very vivid and disturbing dream about Prisoners who were sentenced to be Exiled – meaning they were made invisible by the Exiler. The point would be to make them invisible and unable to affect the world around them that they so desperately wanted to change.  At first Andrew doesn’t believe the dream (because who does) but then one of the Prisoners calls out to him right before the dream ends. On top of that, they were able to sneak a column into the newspaper about not having the Government control the media and censure information so heavily.

So thus begins Chapter 2

Lord Duffy was impatient and extremely annoyed. He never seen anyone pull the stunt that Miles Baris just performed. “Alvris!” He barked.

“My Lord?” he scurried over.

“Is it possible that the Exiled can see each other?”

Alvis was white as all the color suddenly drained from his face. “My Lord?” he gasped.

“I want to know if it’s possible for the Exiled to interact with each other!” Lord Duffy waited while Alrvis stumbled over for an answer.

“My lord,” he said, “You asked me only to build the Exlier with the intent of making them invisible to us…. You never said anything about making them invisible to each other.”

“Why you incompetent fool!” Lord Duffy almost hit his scientist. “OF COURSE I WANTED THEM TO BE INVISIBLE TO EACH OTHER!” He stormed off and started pacing, muttering to himself. “It defeats the point… if they can see each other… they can still plan!” He stopped and faced Alvis. “Do you know what this means?”

“No ny Lord,” Alvis said with a deep bow.

“They’re planning something. Baris and his fellow- disgusting liars are planning something from Exile! They must be. What was the name that Baris uttered right before he was Exiled?” Lord Duffy looked at Alvis, who was silent.

The scribe was still in the room and looked at his records. “Andrew, my Lord.”

“No last name?”

“No my Lord.”

“Well, we’re just going to have to find this Andrew before… Alvis! Follow me!” and he stormed out of the room, walking briskly down the corridor until he reached the elevator at the end. The doors opened nearly right away and He and Alvis got in. “Floor 1” he called. “I’ll just have to run a search to find out who exactly this Andrew is.” The elevator doors opened onto a corridor bathed in light from windows. It was much different than the floor below. Alvis blinked in the brightness and struggled to keep up with Lord Duffy.

They entered one of the rooms near the elevator that was filled with computers and technicians. When they saw Lord Duffy enter, they immediately stiffened. “I need to find a person” he said.

“Yes my lord. What is his name?” asked one of the Technicians.


The technician paused before typing in the name. “No last name?”

“No last name…” Lord Duffy thought for a moment, “but I want to see the results sorted by which Government workers are named Andrew or have sons or other relations named Andrew.” The technician told the computer to carry out Duffy’s query. The super computer only took moments to display the results.

“We have five employees with the description you asked for, my Lord.”

“Show me.”

The screen above them highlighted the top five results. “Andrew Washburn, works in the Accounts division. Andrew Jackson, worked in our Ops division – oh but he’s recently deceased. I’ll get his name out of the searchable pool. Andrew Murdoch works in the Media department. And then we have an employee with a brother Andrew – but they’re abroad.  And finally, Patrick Entscheid has a son named Andrew.”

“Print out two copies of the results please.” When the technician gave Lord Duffy his copies he gave one to Alvis. “Take this to Malone and tell him to find Washburn and bring him in for an… interview. Do not let him know what you are trying to find out. We don’t want to make this Andrew aware that we are looking for him. I’ll start at the bottom of the list and call Entscheid in.”

Alvis looked at the clock on the wall. “My Lord, can it wait until the morning.”

“Yes Alvis, that is probably the one good idea you have had all night. Remember, do not mess this up – or I will see to it that you are fired.”

“Yes, my Lord,” Alvis bowed and left to find Malone.


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