The Power of the Exiled – Ch 1 Part 3

Before he left his room, Andrew triple checked his secret hiding spot and then double checked his expression in the mirror. He set his features in their usual expression of mild amusement and hoped to the Almighty he wouldn’t show how disturbed he really was this morning.

Andrew emerged from his room on time, which he considered a miracle. Once he entered the kitchen, he went about setting the table for breakfast. “Good Morning Mother.”

“Good Morning Andrew. Did you Sleep well?” Mrs Entscheid said from the stove. She was scrambling eggs again.

“Yes, very well. Thank you.” Andrew lied. Now that he realized it was Tuesday there was no way in the Almight’s name that he was going to tell anybody about his dream. He went to the cabinet to get plates. “Should I get one out for Father?”

“No, he had to go into work early again. But can you print the newspaper out?”

Andrew stopped setting the table and walked to the newspaper display against the wall. He quickly browsed the headlines before he pushed print. He couldn’t find anything about Miles Baris, but he wasn’t quite expecting anything to be there. The Government controlled the media and the flow of information. Still he planned on taking a closer look when he was by himself. “Another beautiful day,” he said as he grabbed the paper and set it on the table for his mother.

She had finished with the eggs, and moved on to the toast. “What kind of toast do you want Andrew?”

“White please.” She put two pieces of white as well as a piece of wheat for herself in the toaster than spooned some of the eggs onto both of their plates. The toaster was very quick so they had toast with their eggs.

Both Andrew and Mrs. Entscheid sat down together but before they ate, they joined hands. “Almighty we ask you to bless this and our family. We ask this because we believe in you.”

“Dig in,” Mrs. Entscheid said as she reached for the newspaper.

They ate in silence for a few minutes. Andrew ate as quickly as possible without raising suspicions. He still had to wash the breakfast dishes before school and he really wanted to print out his own copy of the newspaper.

“Oh, look at this nonsense,” Mrs Entscheid said.

“What mother?”

“This column in the paper. it’s about how the government shouldn’t control all the media and censure us so heavily.”

“Who’s it by mother?” Andrew hoped he wasn’t showing any more interest than usual, but he really needed to know who wrote the column. Maybe just maybe…

“Don’t know, they only leave their initials. M.B, L.T, R.F, R.C, and J.M.”

Andrew sputtered on his eggs. He took a big gulpful of water as his mother looked up in alarm. “Sorry,” he said after getting his wind back. “Went down the wrong way.” He finished his eggs and toast. “Are you finished Mother?”

“Yes, Andrew. I will see you after school today.” His mother went to go take a shower, leaving the newspaper on the table. Andrew was tempted to just take that copy, but his mother would know. If he printed another copy, and then deleted the request, no one would know. Before he printed the newspaper, he collected their plates to wash them. As soon as they were clean and dry, he put them back in the cabinet.

Walking up to the newspaper terminal again, he had to wonder how in the world they managed to get the surely offensive column into the newspaper. He tried accessing the column again but couldn’t find it. Dismayed, he printed the whole paper again, hoping to look it over.

When he looked at what had printed, he was amazed. Instead of the whole paper, he got just the column he was looking for. The cover sheet on top, usually with the paper’s name and date , just had “A The forest at 3 -M” Staring at disbelief, he only could think that Miles and his compatriots weren’t the only ones involved. They had also got someone working at the Newspaper terminal switchboard to help them out. How else would they have managed to slip the column into the paper without the Government finding out and taking it down right away?

He stuck the column into one of his text books and then packed his bag. As he left for school, he couldn’t help wondering how big an operation this was  and what exactly he was getting himself into.

That’s the end of Chapter One.

Part 1 of Chapter Two will be up before the end of the day.


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