Upcoming Writing Projects

My Revision for Apple Pie is due Wednesday. I’ll have it up here this week. So far, it’s looking really interesting. This is the first time that I’ve really struggled with the narrative in a while, but I’ll save it for when I actually post it.

But the reason why I am making this post is because I have special plans for National Novel Writing Month. I plan to write it right here. I have never been able to get 50,000 words in the month, (or 1667 words a day) no matter how many times I’ve tried… I think this is my fourth or fifth try. But I think if I start small, say 500 words a day and go from there I might be able to write for the whole month. The good news is I already have the basic outline in my head:

Sebastian (name might changed) has always lived a privileged life because his father works for the government. But his life is flipped upside down (I know cliched) when he realizes he has the ability to speak to the political activists that his government has banished to another dimension for punishment. Will he be able to help them spread their message of liberty? Or will he get caught himself and also be turned into a Ghost? (be banished to the other dimension)

Watch this space in November for my umpteenth entry for NaNoWriMo:                                                                                                                                 “Seeing Beyond” (Title will probably change too)


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