Twitter’s Religious Diversity

I remember there was this poll on twitter, created by Pigeon Poll, that asked about religious diversity. I voted Catholic but was surprised about the number of atheists and agnostics who were on Twitter. (the poll wasn’t that great of a poll as it was user created but it was still interesting.)

Now, there’s a trending topic on twitter that is No God… it all stemmed from somebody tweeting the saying “Know God Know Peace… No God No Peace!”
I was surprised to see it in the trending topics so I clicked on it. A lot of the tweets are atheists/agnostic but there are some faithful who are responding to. I actually did as well: ‘I do not believe there is No God. I was raised to believe in God and I will keep on believing’

I think that phrase could easily be revised to Know a god, know peace. No gods, (then usually not as much) peace. (It’s so hard to make it PC.) And to know a god doesn’t necessarily mean to follow a religion (blindly or not). Lots of people susbcribe to no religion but still consider themselves spiritual.

But I do think my belief in God makes ,my life fuller. From my personal experience, I have called on my faith in hard times and have been rewarded: I know my strong connection to my church in Charlestown did help me get through my Major Depressive flare three and a half years ago. Before I got sick, I was contemplating leaving my Church and going to my mom’s Episcopalian church but then O got really sick and took comfort in the community at my church. So when all the dust cleared I realized that I had such a strong connection to the church that I wouldn’t be able to leave it, not until I move away after school.

I realize I have pretty strong faith for a 20 year old going away to college. If I didn’t get sick in high school, would I have fallen out? Yeah probably. I would have been like most college kids who were raised in a faith but don’t practice once they’re on their own. But I’m not.



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8 responses to “Twitter’s Religious Diversity

  1. chris whitney

    ok caitlin, i’m gonna try to be nice on this, but this is a dicey topic for me to be nice on. Firstly i have to ask, why were you surprised to see this, regardless of what church or sect of Christianity a person is in, recently they have not had a very good track record. The main thing i have an issue with is that part you said to begin the third paragraph, the whole not as much peace thing, i disagree with that highly. I think if anything history has proven that religion creates plenty of issues that otherwise would not have existed. I also highly disagree with you saying a belief in god makes a person fuller, i really think that has nothing to do with belief, it has to do with the person. If you think i said anything to mean, just tell me, like i said, i’m using my nice words and trying to be nice on this subject, but that’s only cause you’re a a friend.

    • To know a god isn’t necessarily to know a religion. Lot of people these days do not subscribe to any one particular religion but still describe themselves as spiritual.
      And there’s a difference between believing in a god and following a religion blindly. I will be first in line to acknowledge the faults of my own religion and there are LOT of them depending on your point of view.

      No you didn’t say anything mean; you and I just have different points of view. I thought that I made it clear in the post that I only speak from my POV.

  2. chris whitney

    in all honesty it’s actually hard for me to actually say what i mean when it comes to this subject without directly attacking because that’s what i’m used to doing, that and defending myself from being attacked on it, so speaking civilly about it is somewhat new to me. i respect what you’ve said because you’re saying it is your point of view, most people i have talked about religion with do not do that.

  3. chris whitney

    and now i have no issues with what you’ve said, that was really the only statement i had a real problem with.

  4. ytsejamtim214

    Twitter is a strange and scary place.

  5. anonymous

    if there was an anti-atheist/agnostic phrase trending on twitter, would you object to that as well?

    • Ah! You got me there, because honestly, I don’t think I would object as much as I did to the No God topic.

      But there’s a topic floating around on Twitter now, almost 6 hours after the fact that is Know God. Click on it and Twitter shows the results for both Know God and No God, so they’re being equal there.

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