Another bit from the Globe.

The magazine interviewed Professor David Wells real quick (in their segment they call ‘First Person’) about his work studying evangelical Protestantism.

What struck me was his comments on the new generation of evangelicals. They’re breaking away from what their parents did and believed in. They’re not so tied up with the Republican party any more because they can see through hypocrisy. —  Wow if that’s not a comment on the political state of this country then I don’t know what is! Even they (the evangelical Christians) realize the system’s broken.

The other thing is that Wells says there’s a difference between being an evangelical in Massachusetts verses in the Bible Belt. Here it is a choice whereas there it might be following a family, or convention.  — I think that’s pretty interesting. It’s one of the many things that sets MA apart.  There’s so many different things related to religion in MA that sometimes I’m on the outside, trying to look inside, but other times, I’m on the inside.


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  1. Conservative Republicans are proposing a 10-point checklist gauging proper adherence to core principles of the party. This approach reminds me of Moody’s Fundamentals of Christianity, which began the fundamentalist movement. For more, I recommend http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/the-fundamentals-of-the-gop/

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