Hofstra’s Roller Coaster

What do you do when the person giving you a black eye was lying? Because that what happened.

The Rape Victim Recanted.
She recanted.
I still can’t believe it and am more confused than when I found out about the alleged crime Monday/Tuesday.

But the damage has been done, reputations have been forever marred. As evidence, just look at the newspapers like the New York Post and Newsday. Words like ugly and false will forever be associated with this story.
And – I don’t know if this is worse – the girl faces criminal charges for calling ‘rape.’

It seems like a million things are going through my mind, and its not helped that everyone I know is posting their opinions. As evidence of how damaging this really is, some people are suggesting that either the victim was threatened into recanting or even paid off by the university probably to avoid having a rape trial in their back yard. Society is so ingrained to either come charging to the victim’s defense or to turn away and suggest that somehow the victim deserved it. Rape, even the ultimately false accusation of rape, is just that polarizing.

I have gone through the wringer this week and I keep thinking about the what ifs. The first what if is just a scared little girl who didn’t want to tell anyone (like her parents) she had sex so soon after coming to college so she made up the rape story to cover it up. The second what if is much more sinister: she really did get raped but has to recant because she was threated and now she’s walking around campus feeling like every one is against her. I might just write about this for one of my creative writing pieces. But I know I can’t start right away. I need time away from this week just so things can return to a resemblance of normalcy.

The thing that bothers me the most is there will never be any normalcy for the alledged victim or her alledged rapists.



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6 responses to “Hofstra’s Roller Coaster

  1. Thomas Tuttle

    If she really was raped, then it’s terrible that she was threatened, and I can somewhat understand why courts sometimes disregard it when people who have claimed to be raped “change their minds” later. But if she wasn’t, I fully support charging her! Like you said, she’s probably ruined the lives of the supposed rapists, and caused a huge amount of pain and fear in the community around her.

    Unfortunately for her, my guess is that she actually was raped. The fact that she provided such specific details about the people she accused suggests she was trying to get them in trouble, not just trying to provide an excuse for her having had sex. (Either that, or she wanted to get these particular guys in trouble.)

    • The problem is one of the stories I linked, I think the NY Post, said that the surveillance tapes didn’t support her story. There would video of them entering the dorm. But that’s it. No video of the cellphone stealing or them getting off the elevator.

  2. kmasw37

    The thing that bothers me the most is there will never be any normalcy for the alledged victim or her alledged rapists.

    • In the sense of public opinion, yes.
      But in the court of law, at least for the alleged rapists the charges were dropped so their record is clean (assuming no priors.)
      There’s talk of charging the alleged victim and those charges would be on her record forever because she’s 18.

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