Another Black Eye for Hofstra

There has been some wierd things going on about campus.

The worst of them happened on Sunday morning at 3 am when an 18 year old was gang raped in the dorm next to mine. She was smart and reported it right away. Must have been able to give a good descriptions too because there were arrests made. One university student, 21, and four guests have all been charged with first degree rape.

As bad as this is there are two things that are worse. The first was that while this happened on Sunday morning, most students are just hearing about it today. As in this evening. The school put a little announcement yesterday about ‘an incident’ on its website but there were no Campus Alerts, no emails, no texts. Now I am aware they had to balance confidentiality issues – I feel awful for the girl who’s walking around campus with this over her head – but as a girl myself, I would like to be notified promptly if  there’s a sexual assault on campus!  Finally today Hofstra did a mass emailing, but not before emailing our parents first!

To save face, which they seem to be doing a lot recently, they had res hall meetings tonight. I did not go myself because I had work to do (and I didn’t really feel like it) but my roommate did. From her account, the school did not alert us sooner because they didn’t want to overwhelm us!

*cough* BS *cough*

The second thing is that this incident made the Associated Press. The story broke in Newsday, the Long Island paper, then moved to New York Post and finally New York Times. Now that it is an AP article, any old AP paper can run it. I found a truncated article on the Boston Globe’s website as well. (Not that surprise as the Globe is owned by the Times…)

The same truncated article is in the Washington Post.

I’m not going to supply any links because I bet if you go to your local paper’s website and search for Hofstra, it will come up (among our football articles)

All this not quite a year after we had the debate. There were ton of news stories about us then too, but they were all positive compared to this article.



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3 responses to “Another Black Eye for Hofstra

  1. Knowing what we do at this point, I am wondering if Hofstra’s lawyers overruled its PR people. I’m not familiar with the finer points of this area of law, but given this crime occurred on campus, and that one of the accused worked for Public Safety, the university might be exposed to some civil liability. Not necessarily a good reason for their response, but one nonetheless.

    The stupidest thing I heard on the coverage was one commuter student saying it didn’t affect her because she didn’t live on campus. Neither do I, but I was still freaked out. And pissed off enough to write about it:

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