Story behind the Story: To Educate A Trekkie

Welcome to another edition of Inside the Writer’s Studio.

I think the theme of last semester’s Prose class was writing pieces that were a part of me. I think I brought the phrase “Write what you know” to life.

So I think it was in the middle of the Spring semester when I had to tackle my second piece. I forget how the idea entered my head, unlike the first piece, but I do remember asking Professor Horvath about including Star Trek in my piece. She was hesitant at first but when I explained that the piece wasn’t going to be about Star Trek, more like some one who became obsessed with Star Trek, she became very enthusiastic. “Obsessions are good.” She told me.

And so that’s how my piece took off. I still remember my first draft. My protagonist was a male, something I rarely ever did. Also something I was trying to do was write in a character’s voice who was supposed to be almost ten years older than I was. (Already graduated, has a job and lives on his own) The problem is I don’t know if I got that down, even in the second draft. I think there’s something with my writer’s voice seeping to much into any piece. You don’t notice it as much in my first piece from last semester because it was from High School…

What I was proud with the first draft was that I kept almost all of Mike’s interactions with other people either on the web or on the phone. However, like my first piece, I needed to go back and tweak the beginning part to make the protagonists progression more believable. So I had to throw out the original idea of Mike stumbling on to the forums on his own and introduced Tom as Cara’s brother. He is the one that introduces the two (by giving Mike her email address)

Remember I mentioned that Mike is supposed to be 3o years old? Well I don’t believe there are many 30 year olds who still call their overbearing mother every week. But if I knock his age down to 25… then its more believable. (I changed his age just now…) A lot of people in class liked his mother, but were still confused about his age. When Horvath led the discussion, I remember her mentioning that she was intrigued by how ‘mature’ Mike really was. There’s evidence that he really is a momma’s boy in the piece because he balks at staying over at Cara’s and doesn’t get her anything as a thank you gift. In his defense, he really didn’t know what to get her because she had all of Trek already…

The first draft was already kind of long so what changed was it got turned into the first chapter rather a complete story. I had promised my self that I would write more chapters during break. It seems those promises always go unfulfilled as I had made similar promises after the other writing class and it still didn’t work out. In my defense this summer I actually found a job but it had weird hours so I didn’t get to write… at all. (Unlike my last summer job)

Instead of posting the entire piece her, I just supplied the link. Feel free to read through it, especially if you are familiar with Trek. If you aren’t, you are still welcome to read through it. I think I did a good job balancing between Trek and explaining it for the reader.

This weekend Star Trek is playing at my school. I got really excited because I haven’t seen the movie since June. My friends and I dressed up. I was Scotty. Now you know my secret… I’m a huge Trekkie. But I won’t go on and on about Star Trek here.

Me as Scotty (the wrench makes the difference between Scotty and a redshirt!)

Me as Scotty (the wrench makes the difference between Scotty and a redshirt!)

The link for my Story. It’s right here.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think!


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