A Millennial’s View of Identity

So I strongly identify with the Millennial Generation or Gen Y.  We are the ones born in the late 70s to late 90s. (Being born in the late 80s, it puts me right in the middle.)

We are the ones who always seemingly seamlessly adapt to new tech: Hardware, software, OS, websites and even trends. We started on Myspace, then moved to facebook and now most of us have a twitter as well.

And so the question of identity arises when we register for one of those social media sites for the first time and contemplate how to fill out the “About Me” sections. I have been on facebook for almost 4 years now ( I remember having to be invited by an acquaintance a year ahead of me when they allowed High Schoolers to join) and I have noticed that it is a spectrum of ways to fill the fields out. There are people who seem to fit their whole life story on there, the people who put as little information as possible and the people in between. There’s something to be said about someone who will leave their cell number for the entire world to see.  (Sometimes what goes unsaid on the info page of fb is more important that what is said. )

This is what I wrote about myself on my facebook page:

I am.

A girl.
A college student.
A friend.
A procrastinator.
A writer.
A dreamer.
(A Trekkie.)
A future president.

Genuinely Crazy.

It’s a lot shorter than what I wrote to the colleges. But it generally says the same things.

And then it says I’m a member of 81 groups and a fan of 15 pages. I didn’t realize how important the groups were until a friend remarked about blocking someone for joining an offensive group filled with what we thought were close minded people. I don’t really do anything with the groups; they just sit at the bottom of my info page. I never really participate in them but they are part of my identity. For most of them, there was a reason why I joined them. Usually I agree with the message they are trying to broadcast.  Others just looked cool. I did go through a phase where I tried to limit my groups to 50 or less, but I haven’t limited myself in about a year and it shows.


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