Who are you, the one behind the keyboard?

I guess the first thing I should do is introduce myself. And what better way than to use the college essay I wrote.

No I jest, but only a little.

This essay stemmed from the belief that I have a common name, especially growing up in Boston. When I was at Boston Latin School, there was another Caitlin Walsh. Fortunately she was four years behind me so the school records didn’t get messed up too much, but she is the reason why I walk around with all four names on my facebook.

Who Am I?

If I were to introduce myself what would I say? If I could only describe myself in a sentence or two, how would I begin? “Hi. My name is Caitlin,” is too trivial and too short. There are many Caitlins in this world, and even a few different Caitlin Walshes. I bet you there are even a few lucky ones walking this earth with my exact name, Caitlin Marie Walsh. How do I get the point across that I am unique, that I am wholly different from the other Caitlins of the school, of the state and of the world?

I guess I would describe my nature then. “Hi, I’m the one who… the one who…” What? What do I do, or what am I that makes me, well me? I am… well I know I’m unique. I know I’m unique because I am the one who loves to read. I am the one who is always hyper. I give great hugs. I am very curious. I am the one who is very outgoing. I am the one who loves to write. The list goes on and on. How do I give enough of the important info without going overboard? What is the important info for that matter? What part of me can define me? “Hi, I’m the outgoing, curious, hyper person who loves to read and loves to write”

Well I guess that’s the bare minimum, but I know, and just about everyone else knows that who we are always go further than that. A whole lot further. I guess I could add stuff that maybe you would only know if you spent a day with me. Wait, why stop at a day… why not a week, a month a year, a lifetime? What about the things about me that only I will know after I am finished with my life? I know that I am responsible. I know that I work hard, that I try hard, that I am always enthusiastic. I dream of seeing my name in print. Maybe even in stars. I see myself in the White House. I know that there are quite a few people who have made a mark in my life, just as I know I’m leaving a mark in some of the same people and other people’s lives right now. I know I like trying new things. I am the one who enjoys learning… sometimes a little too much.

Ok, I’m getting somewhere, but it still needs to be polished. I know that I can’t give some one an essay about who I am when all they ask for is a sentence. So who am I? The short answer is I am ME. The long answer is I am an energetic, outgoing, curious, hard-working and kind-hearted young woman who loves to read and write and gives great hugs.” I am the one who also knows that if I go on any longer, I’ll start giving my whole life story, so I’ll stop now while I am ahead.


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